Jiayu Wang

818 Provence Dr · Vestavia Hills, AL 35242 · (616) 780-3286 · mail@wangjiayu.net

As a 13-year-experienced GIS Analyst and Full-Stack Developer, I am experienced in providing solutions to the customer to analyze, evaluate and visualize geospatial data across multiple platforms.


Senior Environmental GIS Analyst / Full-stack Developer

Developing on-base and off-base PFAS data management system for statistical analysis, spatial analysis and reporting;

JB MDL Air Force base cloud-hosted web-based enterprise GIS application developing on United States Air Force Geospatial Information Management System (AFGIMS) platform;

Spatial analysis application developing and automation management system developing (Both frontend and backend);

Geospatial reporting system developing, and database and dashboard maintenance;

Conceptual site model for toxic chemical spatial modeling, victualing and interpreting contamination in the groundwater sites and subsurface.

December 2021 - Present

Senior GIS Analyst / Full-stack Developer

Developing Web-based GIS to serve as a data management and conflict resolution tool, including backend data support, frontend interface designing, database and server maintenance;

Data visualization & 3D modelling, designing, developing, implementing and maintaining geo-visualization application including interactive web slides, SVG based charts and story map websites;

Developing company database manage system, managing different types of spatial database (EDMS, Environ, ERPIMS, and cloud based PostgreSQL spatial database) and analytic tools for large-scale high dimensionality datasets, process spatial data mining, statistical analysis for chemical content trends, provide collaborative database support services, maintain database configuration, QA/QC, tuning, and troubleshooting, perform complex spatial analysis, conduct spatial statistical analysis and modeling for environmental remediation projects;

Maintaining geospatial and non-geospatial data collections; evaluate information and data from outside sources to determine the quality of the data. Retrieval and maintenance of metadata sets;

Environmental Resources Program Information Management System (ERPIMS) support, developing two-way data acquisition and data submission automation process;

Developing Conceptual Site Model (CSM) for remediation projects, built regional hazard dataset to monitor and visualize the dynamic changing elements of the sites and utilized all available spatial and ecological data to evaluate/visualize the sites and to identify data gaps;

Provide technical support on remotely sensed data.

October 2010 - December 2021

GIS Analyst Intern / Biological Research

Environmental GIS data mapping, soil series geodatabase data mining and analysis

Field data sampling, collecting, storing, managing, retrieving, converting, modeling, analyzing

Lesotho Remote Sensing Image Analysis on Watersheds

May 2009 - August 2009

GIS Technician Intern

Wetland property GIS data compile

Conservation Bank property location Web-base GIS pages developing

GIS data editing & regional map making

January 2008 - May 2008

GIS Analyst and Asset Management Assistant

City GIS data collection and mapping, database and server maintenance

Asset management data collection, city sewer and road systems visualizing and rating

City website maintenance

May 2006 - December 2006


University of South Carolina

Master of Science in Geography
GIScience & Remote Sensing

Research Assistant & Teaching Assistant

2008 – 2010

Grand Valley State University

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
GIS in Public Services

Research Assistant

2005 – 2007

Sichuan University

Bachelor of Public Administration
2000 – 2004


Programming Languages & Tools
  • and many more ...
  • GIS Analysis: Experienced in ESRI ArcGIS products, QGIS, and major GIS softwares, Spatial Statistical Analysis, Spatial/CSM Modeling and Analyst, GIS Application Programming, Global Positioning Systems, Aerial Photo and LiDAR Satellite Image Interpretation;
  • Full-stack Development: project architect, frontend interface, data API and backend technique support;
  • Programming: Familiar with both front end technologies and back end framework including Python (Django, Flask), JavaScript (Vue.js, ReactJS), Nodejs, Webpack, Docker, experienced with data visualization libraries and frameworks such as D3js, Leafletjs, OpenLayers, Bokeh, ArcGIS online and experienced with server (Linux/Unix Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian) operation and maintenance;
  • Planning: Municipal/Site GIS, GIS Based Planning and Management Decision Making, Environmental Impact Reporting/Environmental Assessment, Risk Management


Wang, J.W., et al, Spatial Resolution Imagery Requirements for Identifying Structure Damage in a Hurricane Disaster: A Cognitive Approach. American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 2012.